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Fiber Fix – Multi Fiber Gut Aid

Fiber Fix is a dietary supplement by Vitauthority New York, USA, designed to provide a comprehensive gut health and regularity solution. This product offers a unique blend of fibers and prebiotics to support digestive well-being.

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At Vitauthority, you can choose between two flavor options: Apple Crisp or Unflavored.

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Ready to take the first step towards better digestive health? Choose the Fiber Fix option from Vitauthority that best suits your needs.

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Frequently Bought Together

Viauthority recommends purchasing Detox Nourish Anti-Bloat Digestive Aid at $39.99 alongside Fiber Fix for a comprehensive approach to digestive health.

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You can opt for the VIP Membership ($129.99) to enjoy the best discounts on Fiber Fix and other products at Vitauthority.


The recommended directions are to mix one scoop of Fiber Fix with 6-10 ounces of water or juice. For best results, it is advised to take the supplement in the morning or evening after eating.


Fiber Fix by Vitauthority offers free shipping for all domestic USA orders. Orders from the New York, USA warehouse are processed and shipped within one business day. Most orders are delivered within 2-5 business days, and customers receive tracking information via email from The brand ships orders 7 days a week.

Benefits of Fiber Fix

The content outlines several benefits of taking Fiber Fix:

  1.       Reduce Cravings: Fiber Fix fiber also promotes satiety, making you feel fuller for longer, preventing overeating, and is helpful in weight loss goals.
  2.       Reduce Bloating: When consumed regularly, Fiber Fix can help prevent bloating and water retention, thus increasing the effectiveness of weight loss.
  3.       Stay Regular: Fiber Fix can ease constipation and contribute to regular bowel movements; then, you will be free and clean.
  4.       Metabolism Support: A healthy gut and Fix support will aid in the body’s ability to burn calories and lose fat.

The Downside of NOT Taking Fiber

Fix The content highlights the potential downsides of not taking Fiber Fix, including constipation, bloating, weight loss plateaus, lack of energy, and a poor gut microbiome. In contrast, taking Fiber Fix can lead to regular bowel movements, feeling light, consistent weight loss progress, reduced bloat, increased energy, and a healthy gut environment for probiotics to flourish.

Beware of the Competition

The content warns against competitors who use only psyllium husk, which is inexpensive but lacks resistant starches and insoluble fiber. Fiber Fix, on the other hand, uses Fibriss®, a blend that contains soluble fiber (prebiotics), insoluble fiber (for regularity), and polyphenols (also acting as prebiotics) for optimal gut health.

Quality First

Vitauthority Fiber Fix emphasizes quality first, with supplements being lab-verified and manufactured and shipped from the USA.

How to Enjoy

The content shows the recipe of Fiber Fix by mixing one scoop with 6-12 ounces of water or juice.

Money-Back Guarantee

Vitauthority Fiber Fix stands by its product with a 60-day money-back guarantee to customers who are not content with it.

Overall, this content details how the product Fiber Fix is a whole gut health supplement that contributes to regularity, reduces bloating, supports weight loss, and nourishes the gut microbiome by formulating fibers and prebiotics.


How much fiber is it?

Fiber Fix has soluble fiber, a prebiotic that promotes a healthy gut. Insoluble fiber is beneficial in providing regularity.

Will I suffer diarrhea after taking this product?

Fiber Fix does not have any ingredients that cause laxative effects like Psyllium Husk. Therefore, you also need not worry about side effects such as diarrhea.

When will the results be visible?

Many people can detect the benefits of an improved digestive system and reduced bloating in just a few days of consuming Fiber Fix.

What time of the day is the most effective moment to take Fiber Fix?

The first loading phase should be two weeks, with intakes twice daily (morning and evening). If the aim is to shed weight, it is better done before meals.

Can I take Fiber Fix with Detox Nourish?

Taking Fiber Fix and Detox Nourish together is ideal for maximizing weight loss benefits and promoting overall gut health. Detox Nourish removes toxins and supports digestion, while Fiber Fix maintains gut health and encourages probiotic growth.

Is Fiber Fix Keto Friendly?

No, Fiber Fix is not carb-free but is shallow in carbs and an excellent fiber source.