Essential Probiotics


Essential Probiotics is a comprehensive gut health supplement that combines prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics.

At Vitauthority, this gut health supplement supports optimal digestive well-being and overall health.

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Supplement Facts

Serving Size

2 Capsules

Servings per Container



Amount per serving

Bacillus Subtilis (as DE111®)

5 billion CFU (50mg)

Prebiotic Fiber Blend

Organic Baobab Fruit Powder (as Fibriss®), Pomegranate Powder (fruit)

500 mg

Tributyrin (as Corebiome®)

550 mg


The recommended dosage is two capsules of Essential Probiotics daily as a dietary supplement.


VitAuthority offers free shipping for all domestic USA orders. Orders are processed and shipped within one business day from their Eastern Pennsylvania warehouse, with most orders delivered within 2-5 business days. Tracking information is sent via email from once the order is processed.

More Than Just Probiotics

Ideal digestive health and whole-body wellness depend on a combination of probiotics and prebiotics, not just probiotics. The majority of available probiotic products require this all-over approach supplemented with scientifically proven ingredients. We want to offer a full solution by specializing in one probiotic supplement.

Benefits of Essential Probiotics

  1.       dE111® is a clinically tested probiotic strain that helps gut-beneficial bacteria to survive and outcompete the pathogenic ones. Furthermore, the probiotic facilitates the digestive process and produces enzymes and fatty acids essential for proper digestion and regularity.
  2.       The natural baobab fruit powder Fibriss® has soluble prebiotic fiber and polyphenols that feed good gut bacteria and help sustain a thriving microbial community. It’s also enriched with pomegranate fruit powder, an additional prebiotic source.
  3.       Corebiome® is a postbiotic that has been clinically proven to maintain healthy gut flora, regularity, and microbiome. Research has demonstrated that it provides the lining of the whole gut with the necessary food.

What Comprises A Complete Probiotic?

Only 1/3 of gut health support comes from probiotics. A complete probiotic has prebiotics that feeds the good bacteria, probiotics as the beneficial bacteria, and postbiotics to support the gut microbiome and digestion in general.

Do I Have To Store Probiotics In A Refrigerator?

Unlike other probiotics, Essential Probiotics is stable at room temperature and can even be exposed to heat as it contains refrigeration-free, heat-resistant probiotic strains. One of the significant features of the bottle design is that it has moisture barriers that keep the capsules dry without needing humidity control or refrigeration.

Quality First

Thus, VitAuthority’s dedication to quality is demonstrated through third-party verifications on all its products, including Essential Probiotics.

Lab Verified

All our products are third-party verified.

New York, USA

Manufactured in and shipped from the USA.



Essential Probiotics do not require refrigeration as they contain heat-resistant probiotic strains.

It helps protect immunity by promoting proper digestion.

By regulating the gut microbiome and promoting a balanced gut flora, they contribute to improved skin health.

You can take Essential Probiotics and Fiber Fix together for comprehensive microbiome support, as they complement each other.

Yes, when combined with a balanced diet and exercise, essential probiotics can support proper digestion and contribute to weight loss and maintenance.

Essential Probiotics contains prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics, providing a comprehensive approach to gut health.

All VitAuthority products, including Essential Probiotics, undergo third-party verification for quality assurance.

Essential Probiotics is manufactured and shipped from the USA.

VitAuthority offers a customer-friendly return policy. Customers who are unsatisfied with their products can return them for a refund or exchange.

Depending on the dosage, a bottle should last approximately one month.